Pico de Orizaba, Mexico

Pico de Orizaba, Mexico (Photo: Summit Post)


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“Glaciers in Mexico? Yes, there are a couple of them. One of them is the “Jamapa Glacier”, above, on Mexico’s highest volcanco  “Pico de Orizaba”, 18880 ft.”

Climbing this volcano is not technically difficult but the high altitude makes this a challenging climb. A few acclimatization hikes on the mountains surrounding the city of Puebla will prepare the body’s system for the higher altitudes.

There is a comfortable climber’s hostel, a former soap factory, in the quaint village of Tlachichuca at the foot of Pico.

Pico de Orizaba - 5

The hostel’s owner offers 4-wheel drive service to the “Piedro Grande” hut, located at 14,000 ft, where it is recommended to spend two nights before the summit bid. Be prepared for headaches during the first night.

Preparing for ride on very dusty road to Piedro Grande hut
Preparing for ride on very dusty road to Piedro Grande hut
Inside Piedro Grande hut
Inside Piedro Grande hut

When I stayed there, it was a public hut without a warden and, therefore, pretty dirty.  Sleeping pad and bag as well as gas cooker, water and food are essential for survival at this hut.

The outhouse was a “throne” in a broken wooden shed.

Outhouse Piedro Grande hut
Outhouse Piedro Grande hut

This Summit Post website contains excellent information and advise for this climb.

Jamapa Glacier

Topping Out

Pico de Orizaba - 8

Summit – crater rim


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